XY&O Low Tide Single Cover Redesign


Adobe Photoshop

Project Description

Part of the #indiemusicdesignchallenge.

The current cover of the music is a bit confusing as there is a picture of a beach with a washed out picture of jelly fish on the top. What does it signify? Dunno. The logo of the band looks dated too. The name of the single looks too cursive, which does not encourage legibility as well.

As the music consists of a very chilled, rhythmic beat to it, I added a picture of the calm sea with the sunset. The XY&O logo is taken from their current 'Fahrenheit' single.

XY&O's Low Tide Original album cover

XY&O's Low Tide Redesigned album cover

XY&O's Low Tide Redesigned album cover with CD insert

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