Red Velvet - The Red Album Cover Redesign


Adobe Photoshop

Project Description

I enjoyed their album throughly, however I thought that their album cover was a bit cluttered. #designerproblems

I feel that it can be better presented in a simplistic yet chic style, so I decided to try to give it a makeover staying close to their theme! Hence, my direction for the redesign is aimed to be minimalistic yet interesting for people to pause for a second look.

The artistic and adorable drawings were extracted from their lyrics book (with slight modifications). They also offer a glimpse to their quirky personalities. By showing the drawings, it can bring appeal to those who are new to the group. Thus, I decided to feature these drawings on the album cover.

The small '1' beside their 'The Red' logo indicates their 1st full length album. It was inspired from Girls' Generation 'MR MR' album.

Original The Red album cover

The Red Redesigned Album Cover

Red Velvet The Red Album cover redesigned with CD insert

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