Sing人Music Brand Marketing


Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Project Description

Sing人Music is an experimental music project I co-founded with two other Singaporean friends, doing collaborative music covers on YouTube. While we were brainstorming for our brand logo, we decided we want it to be simple and not overly complicated. I came out with a few drafts before finally deciding on the brushstroke style from 樂人 Youtube Channel, another music cover channel. This was our main inspiration and it led to the final look of our logo. For our socials, I also did up a header banner for our YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Rough sketches

Initial rough sketches

Logo style inspired from 樂人Channel Logo

Logo Mockups

Chosen Final Logo

Trying out logos on different types of backgrounds. 

Usage of logo in appropriate situations

The main logo to be used generally will be the black logo. However, depending on the situation, the black logo is to be used on light coloured backgrounds, while the white logo is to be used on dark coloured backgrounds for legibility.

Social Media Collaterals

Header banner for Youtube channel and Facebook Page

We wanted a style that screams "local down-to-earth Singaporean band" vibes without looking too pretentious. I looked for photos that channeled that spirit and eventually settled on the one above. We decided to add a tagline to give a hint on what our project is about.

Using Format