NTUC Income Travel Insurance app Pitch

I was tasked to give NTUC Income app a overhaul with its user interface, while having additional features added to it. Currently, the app only serves to allow customers to purchase travel insurance on their phones while they are on-the-go. It also consist content such as motor insurance information, special promotions and a contact us page.

My thoughts

Looking at the current app, I felt that it lacked the vibrancy of a travel related app. Most of the interface looked dull and basic. Its current style is also based on iOS6, and not the updated iOS9.

Hence, with these thoughts in mind, I added lots of travel images to the app to bring out the 'excitement' and 'fun' in travel. I have also incorporated material design, the current mobile design trend by using flat colors to bring out a simple, easy to understand and an aesthetically pleasing look to the app. Using material design is also practical as it is the current mobile design trend now, and it is expected to last at least for a few years. This will ensure the app looks and stays current.


I hope with the overhaul, more customers will be encouraged to purchase insurance on the mobile app rather than on the web itself. Since it can be easily purchased anywhere on their mobile, hopefully the overall insurance sales will increase.

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