Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2017

A campaign based on breast cancer awareness, it aims to educate local Singaporean women, aged 25 to 49 to understanding breast cancer with the inclusion of Singlish phrases and food imagery. As early detection can help save lives, this project hopes to encourage these women to go for breast check ups as soon as possible.

To challenge the stereotypical mindset of breast cancer being a heavy and serious topic, local Singlish phrases were included to lighten the atmosphere and at the same time, to connect better to the targeted audience. Local round-shaped food items such as steamed pork buns, pineapple tarts and Kueh Bolu were used to represent breasts. 


*neh neh refers to boobs/breasts in the Singlish language.*

The kit includes:

- 1 pre-assessment book (basic information about breast cancer and instructions for self-examination) 
- 1 post-assessment book (lists types of treatment, places for treatment locally, available local support and volunteer groups)
- A series of postcards
- 2 steamed buns keychains

Additionally, the kit was designed to take shape as a takeaway lunch box to further play on the food concept, and to add on an element of surprise to the unsuspecting audience.

Pre Assessment and Post Assessment books are included in the kit.

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