ISEAS Website Pitch


To design and develop a new ISEAS corporate website incorporating the new ISEAS name, logo and branding/colour scheme. We also have to consolidate all existing informational and non-transactional ISEAS websites into one single new corporate website. Site also needs to be responsive.

With these objectives in mind, I came up with some questions. 

1. What would first time/returning visitors want to know?
2. What information are they seeking for?
3. How can I reduce the number of clicks to where they want to see? 
4. How to promote growth of visitors and make them return to the site again?

With the above information, I decided to organise the content into the mockup below.

Announcements, latest news, and the ability to switch between content with a few clicks were added in to promote efficiency of the site. Important information such as a short paragraph about ISEAS, contact information and location detail were added to the footer. This provides easy accessibility so that the visitor can refer to these information on any page.

Listing view. Tabs were also used to increase productivity and efficiency of the page. 

Using Format