Brand Logo 2021


Adobe Illustrator

Project Description

I decided one day that it was time to do a design overhaul to my portfolio site to keep things fresh. So, I went ahead to work on my self branding logo first. I wanted to present a more neutral and no-fuss look, so I went around looking for inspiration, and ultimately decided on a simple line icon for a logo. The graphic treatment was inspired by Noritake, one of my favourite Japanese illustrators, and LIE, an independent graphic design studio based in KL, with their graphical line art styles. 


Noritake illustrated for S.H.E too. AAAHHHHH! 🥰

Sketches and Mockups

Rough mockups of icons

Finetuning in process...

Final chosen logo

I'm happy how it turned out, I know its nowhere near their standards, but I will practice more to get even better next time! 💪💪

Using Format